Somerville Bike Kitchen

Your friendly neighborhood bike co-op

Somerville Bike Kitchen (SBK) is a volunteer-run bicycle repair cooperative founded in 2015. SBK provides tools, knowledge, and a workspace for local cyclists to repair their own bicycles and promote cycling as safe, green, and economical means of transportation and recreation accessible to everyone.

We host weeknight walk-in shop nights, repair classes, and weekend community building events. Each month approximately 200 people attend our open shop nights and over the past seven years SBK has helped thousands of people maintain their bikes and introduced hundreds of new people to cycling. 

A guest overhauling a 3-speed hub
Two people repacking a hub together

Current Hours

339R Summer Street
Somerville, MA

Tuesdays and Thursdays


We suggest a contribution of $10 per hour for using the space and tools. For those with more serious interest, we offer a $100 yearly membership. Members can use the space anytime during drop-in hours with no additional charge.


We are not professional bike mechanics. If you want professional advice about your bike, we recommend that you stop by any of the wonderful local bike shops in our area. That said, we all like working on bikes and are happy to share what we know.