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The 2024 SBK Bike Pageant was a success!

What is Somerville Bike Kitchen?

Somerville Bike Kitchen (SBK) is a volunteer-run bicycle repair cooperative founded in 2015. SBK provides tools, knowledge, and a workspace for local cyclists to repair their own bicycles and promote cycling as safe, green, and economical means of transportation and recreation accessible to everyone.

We host weeknight walk-in shop nights, repair classes, and weekend community building events. Each month approximately 200 people attend our open shop nights and over the past seven years SBK has helped thousands of people maintain their bikes and introduced hundreds of new people to cycling. We are a DIY space and may not always have the answers, but we will help guide you to the right resources.

Knowledge is power.
Adjusting front derailleurs can be tricky business!

SBK in the NEWS!

SBK article in The Somerville Times
Check out our article in The Somerville Times
SBK article in The Boston Globe
The BOSTON GLOBE?! Mama we made it!

We are a completely volunteer-run organization, which means we rely on donations to keep rolling!

We suggest a contribution of $10 per hour for using the space and tools.

SBK is need blind and will not turn anyone away for lack of funds.

Did you know we also have MEMBERSHIPS?!

What’s New?

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“The bike kitchen empowers people by supporting affordable and flexible mobility, through education and a sense of communal ownership. This is community building at its best”

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Current Hours

Every Tuesday and Thursday
6pm – 9pm

15 Properzi Way
(the Dojo at Somernova)
Somerville, MA


We are not professional bike mechanics. If you want professional advice about your bike, we recommend that you stop by any of the wonderful local bike shops in our area. That said, we all like working on bikes and are happy to share what we know.