We need to move!

Our Summer Street location has served us well ❤️

People fixing their bikes in the driveway of our Summer Street location.

Some challenging news from your friends at SBK – we are losing our space at the end of August of this year and need to find a new home.

We’ve been hosted by a wonderful organization at our current location on Summer Street since we were founded in 2015. Unfortunately for us, they are in need of additional space for their programming and really need the room that SBK has been utilizing. Thanks so much, Sprout, SBK wouldn’t exist without your support!

Finding a new home will take some work and we can’t do it alone….

How can you help?

  1. Sign our petition! We want to show possible partners, funders and the city that we have the support of a vibrant community!
  2. Share this post and help spread the word!
  3. Come to SBK events, wrench on your bike with us and donate! You can donate to us via Venmo @SomervilleBikeKitchen
  4. Email us at [email protected] with any tips, leads or ideas for a new space for SBK!

So, what happens next and what are we looking for?

Well, we need to relocate before the end of August of this year. Until then, we can continue our work on Summer Street. We will still host our Tues/Thurs open shops and have some great events lined up for 2023 (more on that later)! So please continue to come to the bike kitchen to use our tools and learn how to fix your bike!

In an ideal world, we hope to find a new home with an existing organization that has a physical space they can share.

We are hoping for 500-1000sqft indoor space. Outdoor space for work during the warm weather months would also be amazing!

Since most of our work happens in the evenings and on weekends, we could share a space with an org that uses the space during weekdays. This is how we’ve been operating all these years.

SBK is a registered 501c3 and we are insured. We have a motivated volunteer staff and look forward to continue supporting Somerville and the local bike community

Thank you!!





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