Testimonials and Letters of Support

Earlier in February, we published a petition to gather signatures and demonstrate our impact as we look for a new space.  We have been touched by the outpouring of support.

Below are some testimonials from SBK attendees and letters of support from local organizations.

Support like this is direct evidence of the impact and importance SBK has for the local cycling community.

People fixing their bikes in the driveway of our Summer Street location.

Individual Testimonials

I had been nervous about bike commuting and otherwise getting around the city by bike, until I started going to SBK. After spending time in this community and learning about bike repair, I feel more confident caring for my own bike and using it to get around Somerville.

Madeline Sorenson, Somerville

Beyond offering donation-based and affordable DIY solutions for folks to fix their bikes, they also offer instruction, opportunities for self-sufficiency, and an inclusive community. SBK addresses the gap in cycling support while reducing a consumerist approach to transportation by keeping older generation bikes on the road. The loss of SBK will mean the loss of a gathering place for a diverse cycling community along with fewer opportunities for new cyclists who don’t yet have the confidence or tools to maintain their own bike. I would not have become a bike commuter without SBK’s support.

Nathan Gardner, Somerville

“People throw around the word ’empowering’ a lot for various initiatives, but I’ve never felt more empowered by a community organization than I did when I first went to SBK. Having all the tools I needed to learn a new skill and knowledgeable people there to teach me made me feel that I could do anything.”

Audrey Lewis, Somerville

“Like so many people, I live in an apartment without a basement or much space. Having access to the bike kitchen allows me to maintain my bike and have access to tons of tools and the collective knowledge of volunteers. With a donation based free access model, SBK truly serves the community.”

Michael Soha, Somerville

“SBK is a beautiful community and in addition to that are a key supporter of the city’s carbon emissions reduction goals! They help make our VMT reduction goals achievable.
Even people who don’t bike should be glad they’re here.”

Aaron Weber, Somerville

Letters of Support